Paul Jones - Team Building Event

The guys put on a great event for a fairly large group (70+ people) in a venue split across two (2nd and 3rd) floors - which involved a lot of lugging up and down stairs of large, old school CRT tellies, something they did almost happily!

The afternoon ran smoothly, the format was well thought-out (8 teams of 8 vying for the, uh, "ultimate prize") and the players from teams that weren't competing had plenty to keep them occupied, with various consoles set up on the lower floor. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone that's ever picked up a joypad or jotstick and had a bash at any sort of gaming.

"You Win! Perfect!"

Jo Shepley-Yates - Birthday Party

A games wagon party without the wagon?

At first, I have to admit, I was sceptical about the idea of a games party in my garden but my nerves soon passed away when Scott turned up with his cheery persona and set up with meticulous efficiency, even bringing his own tables and chairs!

Having returned from a school disco, eight very excited and sugared-up boys entered my house like a tornado and ran straight into the garden to play football. However, within seconds, Scott's ca...lm personality and captivating voice commanded their attention and before I knew it, eight boys were sat in their seats, engaged and full of anticipation.

The impressive start was helped by the element of competition Scott has carefully built in to his party planning. At last- a party host who wanted to know the children and addressed them throughout by their first names! Nice touch.

Unlike other gaming parties, the boys played with a purpose, gaining points in a real league, regularly updated in front of their eyes. From Pacman and Sonic to Time Crisis, the change of controls from a typical ps pad to holding guns and 90's joysticks, was another well- thought out concept that kept the boys on their toes as well as the desire to win the 'golden' trophy at the end.

In short, all I had to do was clear up the uneaten food and sweets put out because there was no time to eat them! The fast-paced change of games, element of friendly competition, and structured league table made it a very fun 90 minutes for all. And the engagement from the watching dads commenting that 'my mates would enjoy this' pretty much summed up the whole event.

Old or young, YouNeek Games will offer you a great experience. And without the wagon... I actually got to sit back and watch my son having a brilliant time with his friends. Priceless.

Jo, Romford


Lewis Churchill - 21st Birthday Party

I would recommend YouNeek Games to anyone who has an interest in games, whether a casual or hard-core gamer, as there is something for everyone. The whole process of setting up was quick and efficient and I was amazed at how Scott managed to cram everything in my small garage!

The competition was done in a quick-fire way, with some games even lasting only a few seconds- one in particular was Super Mario Bros. on the NES, as it was done as a time trail with all of us only having one life to complete the level (which surprisingly wasn't easy!).

What I loved most was the scoreboard system. All eight of us were divided into two teams as most of the games comprised of four players. For instance if two out of the four of us lost a game, the remaining two winners will then have to battle it out in the final to earn the most points and be crowned the winner, which was quite rewarding.

All in all, I would definitely do this again next year and if anyone is turning 21 and is a gaming fanatic like me, this would be perfect for them.

Max Colledge - Corporate Event

I recently hired YouNeek Games for a largish corporate event and had an absolutely excellent experience. These guys are clearly passionate hobbyists, and excellent at what they do.

Organising the event was easy, the staff very personable and helpful.

I could not recommend YouNeek enough.

Anne Horemans - 12 Children Party

Fantastic set up, great choice of games & amazing control of 12 kids during the 3 hour party! Proper old skool gaming - the young & old kids loved it!! Will definitely be recommending to anyone who'll listen!

Jeremy Ryan - ''Works Do''

I had a great time and was impressed by the number and range of games on offer. As an old codger, I'd played lots of these the first time around and found the whole thing wonderfully nostalgic. Even after being ruthlessly thrashed at every single one of them. Despite the number of people we had (60ish), there were enough consoles set up for everyone to play something without much of a wait.
I'd recommend it to anyone organising a works "do" in future.

Karen Holmes - Casual Kids Party

Thanks Scott for a great birthday party for our son and his friends today. They all had a fantastic time and everything went perfectly.

Thanks for your brilliant communication and for making so much effort to ensure the boys had a great time. Parties are not easy for us but everything was perfect.

Will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Best Wishes and thanks again!

Aleks Baklanovs - ''So Much Fun''

Recently participated in an event organized by these guys and it was an absolute blast. The selection of games was enormous, ranging from Pong to Time Crisis. A huge number of consoles too: Sega, SNES, Playstation, Nintendo64.

The event was so much fun, I can't recommend YouNeek enough.

Jonny Read - Impressive volume and quality of games

As a guest at this event I was thoroughly impressed at the volume and quality of games available. The team were really friendly and a great help in making such an amazing event possible.

Lucy Partner - Party for 15 kids

What a great job Scott did, didn't here a peep out of the boys for over 2 hours! And he handled 15 boys very well. I'll definitely be recommending YouNeek Games.

Flow Lucas - ''Enjoyed by all ages!''

Flow Lucas was here today and what a great afternoon we had! Definitely something different that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Lauren Flanders - Fantastic

What a fantastic afternoon with a fantastic host! Thank you YouNeek Games x

Harry French - ''Such a laugh''

This was such a laugh! For anyone out there who loved video games growing up in the 80/90s this is the one! So much fun will be doing this again!

Jodie Hills - 10/10 Brill Night

Such a good night, and so well organised, so the entire night runs smoothly. Would highly recommend for kids and adults alike. Scott was a wonderful host, making sure the evening flowed and everyone was involved. 10/10 brill night